Frequently Asked Questions


1. How much does it cost to join the Players Club?
There will be a annual fee of $175.


2. When will Registration Open?
Registration will open January 7, 2019.


3. How can I Register?
You will be able to visit and register online. There will also be a registration table at the Annual Meeting on February 25, 2019.


4. When will Registration Close?

The last day to register will be March 27, 2019.


5. Will there be any Exceptions to the Registration Deadline?

The only people that can register after the deadline will be players who transfer into the section, players who move from suspended to active, and players who become apprentices.


6. What is the benefit to join to Players Club?

Members and Apprentices who join the Players Club will receive a $50 discount on each tournament.


7. How will the Players Club benefit 2019 TPGA tournaments?

With the added money purse sizes will increase.


8. Will Chapter Championships and Sanctioned Events be effected by the Players Club?

All events including Chapter Championships and Sanctioned Events will be effected by the Players Club not only by the entry fee but will also see an increase in purse size from added money generated by the Players Club.


9. How much money is expected to be generated?

The Section Staff is projecting 100 Members and Apprentices will sign up generating $17,000 for tournament purses.