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Growth of the Game Grants

Growth of the Game Grants

The Growth of the Game Committee is excited to announce the implementation of the Grant Program for the seventh consecutive year. The first six years allowed PGA Professionals to introduce and grow the game of golf through various programs. The funds that are provided through this grant process help offset the financial burden to the PGA Facilities.

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Important Information

Deadline to submit – April 3, 2020

In order to receive a grant the Committee will strongly consider:

  • Who is benefiting from funding?
  • The number of participants?
  • Have you received funding in the past?
  • Were the required materials received?
  • Is the event open to the general public?
  • History of the event?
  • What follow up will be done?

Please submit to Kyle Bachman ( no later than April 3, 2020. Grants will be reviewed by G.O.G. Committee and funding determined by April 24, 2020. A W-9 will be required to receive funding. If you are granted G.O.G. funds the W-9 will be due May 1, 2019. Successful applicants will receive 50% of the funding upfront and then the remaining 50% will be awarded after all required materials are received. All required materials are due by October 31, 2020. After this date, the funding you received will be re-allocated. If approved you will be required to submit: email address from participants, along with a quick summary of how the event went which includes photos.