Lynne HowdIn conjunction with the annual meeting held every year, awards are given to the most outstanding PGA Professionals and industry leaders in the Section. Every two years a new president is elected to the board and since 2009 every election year The President’s Award has been distributed by the outgoing president. The President’s Award is given to an individual who has assisted in the success of the Tennessee Section at the end of a President’s term, and the recipient has no prior knowledge of their consideration. This selected individual must be an outstanding, dedicated, and selfless person who has both served the Community and the Tennessee Section. This year’s recipient was Lynne Howd, TGA Director of Handicapping.

In 1987 the Tennessee PGA Section office space was housed in an office complex owned by the Whittemore family who also owned Nashville Golf and Athletic Country where Lynne Howd worked. Known for her tremendous customer service skills and hardworking mentality Lynne became the third employee hired at Golf House, directing the USGA handicaps system. Then TGA and TPGA Executive Director, Dick Horton, described hiring Lynne, “from her first day until now she has become an irreplaceable piece of the puzzle”. Lynne stresses heavily the importance of communication and being able to deal with people and their different personalities. As the Director of Handicapping for the state of Tennessee, Lynne enjoys: getting to interact with new people, golf professionals, assistants, and the over 32,000 golfers in Tennessee. Lynne thrives off of the personal interactions and simply helping others which has shown through the years at Golf House of Tennessee. Not a single employee or person who has worked with Lynne can remember a time she said no or was not willing to work. She has and continues to impact many, both in and out of the golf industry.

Over her illustrious career Lynne identifies the President’s Award as her highest achievement professionally. Personally, Lynne recognized her greatest achievement to raising her three daughters. As planned, it was a total surprise to Lynne when she received this year’s President’s Award. Throughout her years at Golf House she has willingly put in countless hours and has a loyalty to the game of golf. Congratulations again, Lynne Howd, on your 2018 President’s Award.