Cole Murley of Hermitage Golf Course has been named the 2022 Tennessee Section #GameChanger Award Winner with the largest number of Jr. League players last year with 90 participants. This marks Murley’s third #GameChanger award.

“Being able to bring a positive influence to our community through the game of golf, remains top priority and with this award, showcases the continued impact made,” said Murley.  “At the Hermitage Golf Course, we pride ourselves on providing an experience like no other. This includes an experience for the whole family as well as the continued involvement from community juniors. Our game of golf is the game designed to be enjoyed with others as well as played throughout a players lifetime. With the efforts of a great player development staff, we look forward to continuing our missions to grow the game of golf as well as help create added industry involvement.”

“It takes individuals like Cole who see that the future of our game needs to be fostered,” said Tennessee Section Executive Director Clayton Hromadka.  “We truly grateful for his passion, commitment and excellence this past year.”