The Tennessee Section of the PGA proudly announces the selection of PGA HOPE graduate, Christopher Garner, to represent the state at the fifth annual PGA HOPE National Golf & Wellness Week, scheduled for October.

Mr. Garner, a graduate of the TPC Southwind Program and disabled veteran, has been chosen for his outstanding commitment to serving fellow veterans and his dedication to promoting the PGA HOPE Program in the Memphis community. His exemplary service to the country, combined with his passion for golf, positions him as an ideal candidate for the PGA HOPE Ambassador role. After years of dedicated service, Mr. Garner found himself seeking a new purpose and way to reconnect with a supportive community and heal from the challenges of his military and government career. To him, golf “offered a sense of peace, focus, and camaraderie” that he was missing. 

Mr. Garner has demonstrated unwavering dedication to advocating for veterans’ rights, ensuring access to housing, tools for success, and entitled benefits. When asked what being a PGA HOPE ambassador meant to him, Garner replied, “It means executing the mission of empowering veterans through the game of golf, facilitating a transition from a life of solitude or restrictions to one of purpose and hope, and reaching out to those feeling left behind or forgotten and offering an opportunity of healing in a community of like individuals”. Additionally, his impactful work with organizations such as Alpha Omega Veterans Services and the local Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) has been instrumental in supporting the Memphis veteran population.

The PGA HOPE National Golf & Wellness Week provides a platform for motivated veterans like Mr. Garner to excel in their rehabilitation journey while representing their local PGA HOPE community on a national stage. Upon completion of the event, PGA HOPE graduates transition into the role of PGA HOPE Ambassadors, tasked with furthering the program’s mission and fostering the game of golf within their communities. Mr. Garner notes that the PGA HOPE program offers “more than just golf lessons; it creates a safe space where veterans can bond over their common experiences, support each other’s healing journeys, and rebuild a sense of belonging”.

The Tennessee PGA is confident that Mr. Garner’s participation will not only elevate the PGA HOPE Program but also positively impact the Memphis community and the veterans he supports. 


Kelsey Ludwigsen, Communications Manager